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Mark Cuban’s Brondell acquires shower startup

Nebia — the techy shower-head startup backed by Apple CEO Tim Cook and a host of other big names — have sold to Mark Cuban’s Brondell, known for its bidets, air purifiers.

The Nebia name and water-saving nozzles will live on following the deal, co-founders Philip Winter and Gabriel Parisi-Amon said. They declined to say what Brondell paid for the brand, which launched on Kickstarter back in 2015.

Along with Cook and many other early Kickstarter supporters, Nebia raised money from former Google boss Eric Schmidt’s family office, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, Fitbit co-founder James Park, Y-Combinator, Stanford.. we think you get the picture.

Nebia stood out when it launched with pricey nozzles that blasted users with a fine, hurricanic mist, while conserving up to 70% of the water a typical shower head sprays out in the process, the startup claimed. But not everyone bought in. Over the years, Nebia dialed things down to win over more customers, whittling its projected water savings to around 50% in the process.

During its time as an independent company, Nebia estimated its customers conserved more “500 million gallons of water,” as well as the “equivalent of over 27 million kWh (27 GWh) of energy.” The firm said the energy savings were “roughly equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 2,700 American homes.” Nebia claims its products, including those it made with Moen, have reached more than 100,000 homes.

“I’m working right now on future products at Brondell,” said Parisi-Amon — “ones that are directly related to what we’ve made before, and ones that are like completely different, but can still apply the materials that we’ve worked on and the analysis that we’ve worked on.”

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