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Business Rockstars with Ken Rutkowski


BUSINESS ROCKSTARS is an Entrepreneur and Start-Up Business Platform driven by Radio, Television, & Social Media. BUSINESS ROCKSTARS ACADEMY produces events and markets PRODUCT for Entrepreneurs.



BUSINESS ROCKSTARS brings together some of the world's biggest and most accomplished CEO's as well as successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Business Rockstars is a resource  for "Wantrepreneurs" that generates content focused on:



Los Angeles, BUSINESS ROCKSTARS can be heard on-line live at

Ken Rutkowski has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week and has hosted technology radio shows on CNET, CBS and online.

FREMANTLE MEDIA is a strategic partner and just shot a BUSINESS ROCKSTARS TV Pilot.


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Business Rockstars on KFWB

  • Ultimate Connector

    The Uber Connector

    Ken is one of the most broadly-informed and connected people in the media, entertainment and technology market.

  • Strategist

    Pundit & Strategist

    Helping companies, organization and governments with insight, strategy and access ultimately empowering them to create high level events that attract Business Rockstars.

  • METal


    Ken and his team brings together dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the sciences, health, media, entertainment & technology world together to collaborate, share experiences and explore new business opportunities.

  • Internet Radio


    Ken is a pioneer in the radio world by being the first to broadcast his talk show over the internet. Some of the most recognized personalities have been guest on his program, including: Al Gore, Donald Trump, Larry King, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates and Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Entrepreneur Rockstar

    Entrepreneur Rockstar

    Each show will feature two Business Rockstars discussing their business failures and success stories in the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Build a Business

    Build a Business

    Life experiences, business lessons and tools of the trade to build a successful business from ground up helping you to become a Business Rockstar.

  • Financing to Marketing

    Financing to Marketing

    Everything you need to know from raising funds for your great business idea to marketing and taking it to the next level.

  • Women Change-Makers

    Women Change-Makers

    Daily segment focused on women entrepreneurs disrupting business as we know it today .

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Rockstar Testimonials :

Scott Painter - CEO, Truecar
2013-11-11, 03:16
Ken is quite simply the impetus and hub of an amazing worldwide network plus he is a driving force in the innovation economy.
Thom Beers - TV Producer
2013-11-11, 03:16
Rutowski is a master of the airwaves. Rock star is a superior show!
Jesse Dylan - Founder, Wondros
2013-11-11, 03:16
I most enthusiastically recommend Ken with no qualifications whatsoever and I'm proud to say he's a former colleague of mine. I also want to say you w...
Fred Joyal - Founder, 1-800-DENTIST
2013-11-11, 03:15
Ken is an uber-connector. Want to know who knows what, and he knows who that is. He also stays more current on the events in media, advertising and te...
Cheryl Tiegs
2013-11-11, 03:15
There is no one I'd rather hear on radio than Ken Rutkowski We're in for a treat and a wild ride.
Larry King
2013-11-11, 03:14
If I were to hire someone to be CEO of my company, it would be Ken Rutkowski!